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This special collection from the university of notre dames rare books and special. Katchers entry in the field of civil war publishing will intrigue the legions of civil war buffs who yearly consume vast quantities of writing. The english civil war and revolution is a wide ranging, accessible sourcebook covering the principal aspects of the midseventeenth century crisis. The book has amateurish maps, but is enhanced by civil war photographs and sources to answer further questions. Key battles fought in tennessee include the battle of shiloh, which at the time, was. Not a traditional campaign history, this title focuses on the experiences, equipment, uniforms, and tactics of army, navy, and state forces of both sides. Outline of the civil war from great american history. The documents date from september 1, 1861 through september 30, 1865. Using maps and more than 150 photographs and illustrations, the civil war sourcebook helps bring to life the battles and the strategies, the men and the monuments. The routledge sourcebook of religion and the american civil war at once becomes the indispensable volume for both scholars and students interested in exploring the vitally important role of religion in the nations greatest crisis.

The civil war this splendid collection of more than 200 rare illustrations selected from such periodicals as harpers weekly, frank leslies illustrated newspaper, and the illustrated london news captures the sweeping drama of the american civil war as it. Reference books on the civil war national archives. In that currier and ives print, three of the seven men some stare right at you, some into the distance, or perhaps the future represent south carolina, the very state where the civil war. This sourcebook can help direct attention from a narrow fixation on combat to a healthier appreciation of the complexity of the war in tennessee. Publication date 1993 topics united states history civil war, 18611865 social aspects juvenile literature. This is the first in a three part series for vbcw and in this episode i delve in to the background and my plans for project 38. Many online texts, with a a special emphasis on the civil war and southern history. Civil war brotherhood among soldiers freemasons sourcebook. Philip r n katcher this book provides a singlevolume reference source on the armies, battles, weapons and leaders of americas civil war. It presents a comprehensive guide to the historiographical debates involved. The amaris civil war also referred to as the amaris crisis, the amariskerensky civil war, the star league civil war, and the amaris coup was the series of events that led to the dissolution of the star league. Anyone seriously interested in the american civil war ends up with a sizable shelf of reference volumes, and this one should be on that shelf. Web making of america at michigan 5000 imprints from.

T he civil war sourcebook webiste has been created for individuals and organizations interested in the united states civil war information is currently available for civil war reenactments and other events for 2011. The transcriptions are of newspaper articles, extracts from the war. Please contact us if you would like to have your site listed here. More than 175 rare illustrations, selected from harpers weekly, frank leslies illustrated newspaper, and other periodicals of the civil war period capture the opening shots fired upon fort sumter in 1861, the battle of gettysburg, the fall of vicksburg, shermans destruction of atlanta, and the confederate surrender at appomattox in 1865, among other significant scenes. Tennessee civil war sourcebook10,673 pages of transcripts of civil war documents dealing with the war and the state of tennessee. By simply reading the source book from cover to cover, you can get a rather good introduction to the civil war. The full range of rulebooks, army lists and source books published by solway crafts and miniatures for gaming 1938 a very british civil war vbcw. Typescripts of interviews conducted 196772 with indians in oklahoma regarding their history and culture. Whether you are a novice of an experienced civil war buff, the civil war sourcebook is your essential reference. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read the routledge sourcebook of religion and the american civil war.

The yankees, as they are still wont to do, had promptly flocked to hilton head and tybee islands, the barrier islands on opposite sides of the mouth of the savannah river. The origins, nature and consequence of the english civil war are subjects of continuing historical controversy. After an introductory yearbyyear summary of campaigns and major battles easily found in many other sources, he discusses the organization, weapons, formal tactics, and actual practices for each branch of the service. Online resources, email, chat and phone reference are still available. Civil war preservation trust civil war maps, selected library of congress civil war on the western border.

The transcriptions are of newspaper articles, extracts from the war of the rebellion. Civil war books included in this wiki include the stephen w. Civil war sourcebook by chuck lawliss, 1991, harmony books edition, in english. The routledge sourcebook of religion and the american civil war.

Expertly designed for reading and referral both at home and on the road, it will get you out of the armchair and into the trenches. This sourcebook aims at chronicling the military, economic, social and political history associated with the civil war as it happened in tennessee. It can assist local historians, school teachers, planners and archaeologists in their search for locations for civil war history events in their neighborhoods. Combine these these terms with the event or person you are researching. The appropriately named fedcom civil war details the largest conflict to engulf the inner sphere in over a decade. It is far and away the best collection of primary sources on civil war religion in. A travelers guide by chuck lawliss 1991, paperback at the best online prices at.

Civil war sourcebook a searchable collection of over 7,000 articles chronicling the civil war in tennessee from september 1, 1861 through september 30. From the declaration of independence, to the emancipation proclamation and through letters, diary entries, and military orders youll find scores of primary sources here to read what people wrote at the time of the revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and the civil war. Please check back as more information becomes available. Expertly designed for reading and referral both at home and on the road, it will get. Pdf the english civil war and revolution a sourcebook. Earlier source was american history by suite 101, masons on both sides of civil war, fraternal bond transcended enmity between blue and gray by gene owens 2 june 2009. A comprehensive sourcebook with products from the civil war era available today by alan wellikoff 1996, hardcover at the best online prices at ebay. Drawing on original sourcesfrom jefferson davis to frederick douglassand interpretive essays by todays most influential historians, this collection of essays gives a vivid sense of the political, economic, and cultural currents that swept the nation to war.

The routledge sourcebook of religion and the american. The civil war, fought in both the periphery and the terran hegemony, occurred between december 26th 2766 and 2780. Katcher is, after all, the authorcompiler of an impressive list of other civil war reference works, including the four volumes of american civil war armies. The tennessee civil war sourcebook is a searchable collection of over 7,000 articles chronicling the civil war in tennessee from september 1, 1861 through september 30, 1865. This guide shows how to experience the civil war as directly as p. The library and archives is closed to the public through april. Historical newspapers tennessee department of state. Only virginia saw more combat incidents than tennessee during the civil war. The civil war in tennessee oliver caswell king and katherine rutledge king papers collection, 1856 1893 reconstruction and the african american legacy in tennessee. If you wish to order several titles from overseas please email us for combined postage. Many books about the civil war are shelved in the archives i library in library. A brother in savannah, georgia reported this story of civil war soldiers from his masonic lodge records it was a time not long after fort sumter, and the war of northern aggression was well under way. Primary source documents, images, and maps, plus scholarly essays and encyclopedia entries, relating to the missourikansas border war in the mid19th century. Lawlisss book provides more information on each site, especially on battlefields, but is less comprehensive than alice hamilton cromies a tour guide to the civil war rutledge hill pr.

From touring the battlefields to collecting memorabilia, it will answer all your questions about where to go to find what you are looking for. Web making of america at michigan 5000 imprints from 185075 on line, but as image files rather than text. Primary sources american battlefield trust civil war trust. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Tennessee civil war source book paperless archives. Us civil war internet history sourcebooks fordham university. Scm range of 1938 a very british civil war books and guides postage to uk address is now free. If you pass this piece of history on to others, please credit the sources. The book begins with a short story, an introduction, and then a historical synopsis that traces the history of the federated commonwealth.

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