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Although the look of the batman superman movie works, the simple and unenthusiastic story hinders the overall presentation. Play batman and superman adventures world s finest chapter 2 play as superman or batman in the second chapter of the batman and superman adventures world s finest episodes. E dirigido por toshiko masuda e roterizado por paul dini e alan burnett e tem como estrelas tim daly e kevin conroy. The episode depicts the first meeting of batman and superman in the dcau, when. Cinematography, lights, sound, and costumes by michael breen, marialuisa capuano, michael micali, and salvatore raineri. Alright everyone, here is the fanedited film, world s finest. Superman the animated series s02e18 worlds finest part 3 of 3. Batman begins, superman returns and the dark knight are property of warner brothers pictures. Joker goes to metropolis with an offer and plan to kill superman for lex luthor while batman pursues the clown to supermans turf. Joker, short on money for his criminal endeavors, strikes a deal with lex luthor to kill superman. First up, its the untold story of how supermans dad and batmans father had a. Editor jack schiff soon made the superman batman team a regular feature in world s finest, where hamilton wrote the majority of stories until 1966.

If you havent read any of the supermanbatman series comics yet, go ahead and pick this up. Batman and superman are the worlds finest home facebook. Worlds finest is the 16th, 17th and 18th episodes of the second season of. By day, bruce wayne and clark kent clash over the attention of lois lane. Alan burnett story world s finest, paul dini story world s finest. Worlds finest is an animated feature comprised of the superman. Id have to reread it to tell you what actually happened in the book, but the batmansuperman interaction with, im remembering, cameos from robin and lois lane. For batman and superman fans who are fans of the more uplifting and. Posted in at4w, dc tagged batman, superman heroes teaming up to fight villains.

But jokers plan is jeopardized when batman arrives to warn superman that his life is in danger. If you fancy watching dcs two top guys meeting for the first time and squaring off, then batmansuperman movie. Joker steals a statue made of solid kryptonite and makes a deal with luthor to kill superman. The story is pretty predictable, at times silly, and not that original. The batman superman movie worlds finest lex luthor meets. The dark knight and the man of steel team up for three titanic tales. Feb 01, 2012 the batman superman movie world s finest lex luthor meets the joker. Before zack snyder pit them against each other on the big screen these two iconic heroes met on a whole different battlefield. The animated series episode worlds finest part 1 note. Originally, this threeparter aired backtoback as a movie event on october 4, 1997. The new batman episodes that began airing in the fall 1997 season were later released as a dvd box set of batman. This includes atop the 4th wall, longbox of the dammed, and anything else linkara has done or will do in the future, including but not limited to cameos, crossovers, panel appearances, other content he officially posts. Batman meets superman superman the animated series worlds finest part 1. After initial distrust of each other, the worlds finest team up to thwart the villains by night.

When the joker elicits the help of lex luthor in a new fiendish scheme, only the combined superpowers of batman and superman can save metropolis. Batman tracks joker to metropolis and alerts superman to the jokers plan. World s finest 1997 tvpg 1h 4min animation, action, adventure tv movie 4 october 1997. This is a character study of superman and batman in their early days of the superhero occupation. It works as a trailer to a film that does not exist. Mar 21, 2016 the early worlds finest covers are amusing, because most of them depict superman, batman, and sometimes robin, doing mundane things like playing baseball, or waterskiing, or running from a skunk. The batman superman movie is sort of an oddity in the world of cartoons. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Worlds finest collects three double sized comics that feature two of the most popular superheros and their most famous villains from dc comics. World s finest you are looking for stylized, suspenseful and exciting movies about with superhero, good versus evil, duel, super villain, heist, secret identity and superhuman powers themes of animation, action and adventure genre shot in usa. Batman and nightwing are forced to team with the joker s sometimesgirlfriend harley quinn to stop a global threat brought about by poison ivy and jason woodrue, the floronic man. Recurring characters bob hastings commissioner gordon.

Play batman and superman adventures worlds finest chapter 1 play with superman or batman in this adventure game online and fight your way through the dangers you will find during several challenge chambers in t. While this is not the first time there was a teamup in cartoon history, this was one of dc s first attempts in having a shared universe between batman. Spoiling at the movies the batman superman movie world. Superman cheerful and bright and driving batman totally nuts. In other batman, superman, and legion of superheroes stories, hamilton introduced such memorable characters as batwoman, the composite superman, element lad, and dream girl. The animated series episode world s finest part 1 note. Worlds finest 1990 limited series worlds apart comic books. Worlds finest is yet another example of a film that gets the relationship of the two most iconic superheroes, right. Batman meets superman superman the animated series.

Joker goes to metropolis with an offer and plan to kill superman for lex luthor while batman pursues the clown to superman s turf. Batman and superman adventures worlds finest chapter 2. World s finest is a fan film directed by sandy collora. Were sorry but jwapp doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other comic vine users.

The two animated universes were united in the superman episode world s finest, which tells the story of batman and superman s first meeting. Spoiling at the movies the batman superman movie worlds. Alexandra west of the faculty of horror joins us once again as we get to bottom of this silly tiff. Worlds finest dc, 2003 series october 2003 an alliance this powerful isnt forged overnight table of contents. Batman and superman adventures worlds finest chapter 1. In the end, this crossover was by no means a letdown, giving us all we could hope for from both heroes and villains. It consisted of a threepart episode arc called world s finest, and aired in a contiguous 90minute special during wbs saturday morning lineup.

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