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It is a highprofile problem due to the use of deep tubewells for water supply in the ganges delta, causing serious arsenic poisoning to large numbers of people. The permissible limit of arsenic content in groundwater is 0. Contamination of arsenic in ground water is the global problem and millions of people are at a risk of arsenicosis. Failure of generic risk assessment model framework to. Arsenic pollution in groundwater causes, effect and. Given the various routes through which arsenic in the ground water may be. The area and population of the 42 districts in bangladesh and the 9 districts in west bengal are 92,106 km2 and 79. Arsenic is found in the deep bedrock materials throughout illinois, as well as in the shallow glacial materials that cover the northern twothirds of the state. Arsenic contamination in groundwater of north eastern india. Nine districts in west bengal, india, and 42 districts in bangladesh have arsenic levels in groundwater above the world health organization maximum permissible limit of 50 microgl. Arsenic contamination in ground water and related health hazards are serious concerns throughout the world. We found more than 2000 publications which addressed soil and groundwater contamination at industrial point sources, using web of science all databases search, last 5year period from november 2018 and delimiting the search to arsenic, copper and zinc 1.

The solubility of arsenic in groundwater aquifers is controlled by a number of hydrologic and geochemical factors. Samples were collected between 1973 and 2001 and are provided for download. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those. Groundwater arsenic contamination bureau of economic geology. Hence, a global map, showing the areas with high probability of contamination is of great value for civil authorities and aid agencies in preventing the increase in consumption of arsenic contaminated waters. Bangladesh, west bengal, india, and sites in china. Arsenic contamination in groundwater in bangladesh. Millions of people from different countries are heavily dependent on groundwater containing elevated level of as for drinking purposes.

Jackson school of geosciences the university of texas at austin austin, texas 7878924. Arsenic in groundwater may also be the result of contamination caused by hazardous waste or industries that use arsenic. In drinkingwater supplies, arsenic poses a problem because it is toxic at low levels and is a known carcinogen. Naturally occurring geogenic groundwater arsenic contamination is a problem of global significance, with noteworthy occurrences in large parts of the alluvial and deltaic aquifers in south and southeast asia.

The majority of the identified studies dealt with technologies for the treatment of metal. Bacterial sulfate reduction limits natural arsenic contamination in groundwater matthew f. Arsenic contamination of groundwater is common in northeastern wisconsin in areas around winnebago and outagamie. Pdf arsenic contamination of groundwater in west bengal. Arsenic contamination in groundwater bioline international. Groundwater arsenic concentrations were compared with concentrations of other ions to evaluate potential arsenic.

Bacterial sulfate reduction limits natural arsenic. In wisconsin, most arsenic found in groundwater is naturally occurring, released from minerals in bedrock and glacial deposits. Pdf the incidence of high concentrations of arsenic in drinkingwater has emerged as a major publichealth problem. Arsenic has been re ported in high concentrations in these areas 9294. Arsenic in ground water is a geogenic contaminant i. Contamination of drinking water can occur at the source in groundwater and surface water as well as in the distribution system after disinfection has occurred. Arsenic in illinois groundwater illinois environmental. Groundwater arsenic contamination throughout china science. A number of large aquifers, in various parts of the world, have been identified with problems of high arsenic concentration in ground water. The purpose of this report is to provide a synopsis of the availability, performance, and cost of arsenic treatment technologies for soil, water, and waste.

Arsenic pollution of groundwater in vietnam exacerbated by. Kirk department of geology, university of illinois, 1 west green street, urbana, illinois 61801, usa thomas r. Arsenic pollution of groundwater in bangladesh tanabe. Arsenic pollution of groundwater in vietnam exacerbated by deep. Dennis guignet, rachel northcutt, and patrick walsh.

Distribution patterns of arsenic in groundwater were determined. The property value impacts of groundwater contamination. Excessive and prolonged exposure of inorganic as with drinking water is. Arsenic in illinois groundwater illinois department of natural resources illinois department of public health illinois environmental protection agency november 20, 2001 what are the sources of arsenic in illinois groundwater. Nitrate contamination, although it can be natural, is usually due to.

Longterm exposure to arsenic through drinking contamined water can result in a chronic arsenic poisoning. Arsenic contamination of shallow groundwater is among the biggest health threats in the developing world. Abstract contamination of groundwater by arsenic from. Arsenic contamination in groundwater unicef supports countries in providing clean drinking water for children as a fundamental right stipulated by article 24 of the convention on the rights of the child. Industrial and domestic wastes are dumped into water bodies making them unsuitable for human utilization. Arsenic groundwater contamination has farreaching consequences including its ingestion through food chain, which are in the form of social disorders, health hazards and socioeconomic. Scenario of arsenic contamination in groundwater of nepal. This paper reports the present status of the arsenic in. Maps based on surface geology can help identify regions at risk of arsenic contamination. Groundwater pollution, from pollutants released to the ground that can work their way down into groundwater, can create a contaminant plume within an aquifer. In this chapter, the term contamination refers to the presence in the environment of a. An excel tabular data file, a txt file, along with a gis shape file of arsenic concentrations 20,043 samples collected by the usgs for a subset of the sites shown on the map. Both manmade and natural causes have been put forward for the arsenic contamination problems in bangladesh. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the earths crust.

Efforts to establish some knowledge of the arsenic levels in the red river delta plain have started. In drinkingwater supplies, arsenic poses a problem because. Pollution can occur from landfills, naturally occurring arsenic, onsite sanitation systems or other point sources, such as petrol stations with leaking underground storage tanks, or. Here we discuss causes of arsenic pollution in groundwater, the effect of this pollution and solution of this dangerous problem. Arsenic geochemistry and human health in south east asia. Arsenic also can be released into groundwater as a result of human activities, such as mining, and from its various uses in industry, in animal feed, as a wood preservative, and as a pesticide. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. To address this problem research efforts have been tremendous. Arsenic contamination of ground water in west bengal.

Arsenic pollution is a major and acute environmental problem affecting bengal. Computer modelling deciphers the important role of the. Arsenic contamination of groundwater in different parts of the world is an outcome of natural andor anthropogenic sources, leading to adverse effects on human health and ecosystem. Concentrations of inorganic forms arsenite, asiii and arsenate, asv of arsenic as present in groundwater, agricultural soils and subsurface sediments located in the middle gangetic plain of bihar, india were determined. With contributions from worldrenowned experts in the field, this book explores developments in the transport kinetics, detection, measurement, seasonal cycling, accumulation. Arsenic pollution in groundwater in the red river deltad. Today the extraction of groundwater has become significant but is not always strictly controlled. Groundwater arsenic contamination in india central ground water. Geomorphic controls on spatial arsenic distribution in aquifers of the brahmaputra river floodplains.

Tom murphy, kongkea phan, emmanuel yumvihoze, kim irvine, ken wilson, david lean, borey ty, alexander poulain, brian laird, and laurie hing man chan 2018 groundwater irrigation and arsenic speciation in rice in cambodia. As contamination of groundwater, poses a serious risk to human health. Arizona drinking water well contaminants the most common contaminants found in arizona groundwater in concentrations above healthbased drinking water standards are arsenic, fluoride, radioactive elements responsible for gross alpha radiation, and nitrate. Arsenic contaminated groundwater and its treatment. The incidence of arsenic contamination of ground water used for both irrigation as well as. The sources and causes of water contamination include naturally occurring processes, e. Arsenic groundwater contamination has far reaching consequences including its ingestion through food chain which are in the form of social disorders, health. Targeting uncontaminated deep aquifers is a popular mitigation option although its long. Arsenic contamination of groundwater in west bengal.

Here we present the alarming results of a largescale groundwater survey covering the entire red river delta and a unique probability model. Pdf arsenic is a widely dispersed element in the earths crust and exists at an average concentration of approximately 5 mgkg. Introduction arsenic is an element that raises much concern from the both environmental and human health standpoints. Arsenic contamination of ground water is found in many countries throughout the world, including the us. Proceedings of the fourth international conference on arsenic exposure and health effects, june 1822, 2000, san diego, california. Elevated levels of arsenic can be found naturally in groundwater in some areas of illinois. Arsenic in groundwater igrac international groundwater. This causes the lowering of the groundwater table, saline intrusion and pollution including arsenic pollution. The documents may therefore not be redistributed commercially without the permission of the original publishers.

Targeting uncontaminated deep aquifers is a popular mitigation option although its longterm impact remains unknown. What are the sources of arsenic in illinois groundwater. Incidence of high arsenic in groundwater reported from various parts of the country, particularly in the ganga plains is a serious threat to the health of human being. Holm groundwater section, illinois state water survey, 2204 grif. Solidphase arsenic is widely distributed in nature and. Arsenic is a metallike substance found in small amounts in nature. Map of arsenic concentrations in groundwater of the united.

Drinking water quality centers for disease control and. Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a form of groundwater pollution which is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater. Drinking water containing high levels of arsenic may cause health problems. Arsenic has become increasingly important in environmental geochemistry because of its significance to human health.

No study was conducted earlier to explore the presence of arsenic in groundwater of north eastern india. Arsenic water resources contamination springerlink. Groundwater arsenic contamination and availability of safe water for drinking in middle ganga plain in india. Provides a viable reference, describing the stateofknowledge on sources of arsenic contamination in ground water, which affects about 100 million people worldwide. The most note worthy occurrences of arsenic in ground. Groundwater arsenic contamination in bangladesh and west. Evaluation of arsenic contamination in texas report prepared for texas commission on environmental quality austin, texas august 2005 prepared by bureau of economic geology scott w. In rural communities that rely on groundwater for drinking water, the risk from exposure may pose a public health threat, especially when groundwater pumping can increase arsenic solubility. Arsenic has been detected above the es in the groundwater in every county in wisconsin.

Arsenic contamination of groundwater wiley online books. View enhanced pdf access article on wiley online library html view download pdf for offline viewing. Although arsenic pollution of groundwater in cambodia has been intensively investigated since the mid2000s, the impacts on soil and rice as well as human health have not been sufficiently clarified. A report reetushri sen and sutripta sarkar abstract water pollution is a major problem faced by modern societies. Arsenic contamination of shallow groundwater is among the biggest health threats. Critical evaluation of a simple arsenic removal method for groundwater of bangladesh. Most of the city dwellers in india draw underground water for domestic. Arsenic groundwater contamination has farreaching consequences including its ingestion through food chain, which are in the form of social disorders, health hazards and socioeconomic dissolution besides its sprawling with movement, and exploitation of groundwater. Contaminated ground water is the main source of exposure to inorganic arsenic to the human population. Groundwater arsenic contamination occurs in generally oxidizing conditions in the high plains and limited data indicate that arsenic is in the form of arsenate. Bangladesh and west bengal india have been identified as the most highly affected by arsenic contamination of groundwater in terms of the magnitude of the population affected by the contamination and the degree. The of the documents on this site remains with the original publishers. Inorganic arsenic contamination has had a dramatic impact on the contamination of soil and groundwater in many regions of the world.

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